The annual appointment dedicated to welcoming freshers is back. The entire University community – faculty, staff, tutor and current students will introduce incoming first-year students of the Bachelor’s, Sing-Cycle, and Master’s Degree programs to the Luiss world. The welcome weeks are structured according to the new Learning Innovation model with both in-person and online activities.

Students of the Bachelor’s and Single-Cycle Master programs can participate in the in-person activities scheduled for 5-8 September.

Each day will be dedicated to a specific Degree Program as per the calendar published on this website.
For students of the Master’s Degree Programs, all activities are mandatory and will be held completely online from 5-16 September.

On Monday September 12, 2022, all freshers of Bachelor’s, Single-Cycle, or Master’s Degree courses will participate in the traditional “Welcome to Freshers” ceremony.

Discover the activities and event for Bachelor’s, Single-Cycle and Master’s Degree students

Freshers’ Week for Bachelor’s and Single-Cycle Master’s Degree Students

Luiss Freshers’ Weeks 2022, dedicated to incoming students of the Bachelor’s and Single-Cycle Master’s Degrees Programs, will be animated by activities that will introduce new students to the Luiss world.

There will be presentations of the Degree Programs and meetings with tutors of reference, as well as moments dedicated to meeting peers and getting acquainted with university life.

To discover the many opportunities offered by Luiss, students will be able to attend activities planned at their Campus as per the calendar published on this website.

Freshers’ for Bachelor’s and Single-Cycle Degree Students

Hackathon challenges, simulations of criminal or civil trials and negotiation sessions, innovation laboratories and digital communication: these are some of the activities that will animate Luiss Freshers’ Week 2020, the week dedicated to the freshmen of the three-year and single-cycle degree courses.

To discover the many opportunities offered by the Luiss world, students will be able to attend the activities planned from 7 to 11 September in blended mode.

We remind you that the day of September 7 includes only and exclusively virtual activities. For the following days, for virtual activities, you can consult the links to the classrooms available on the platform Luiss Learn. We also remind you that for face-to-face activities, which you have already booked, you can physically access the premises only after receiving our access authorization confirmation.

The limited number activities require reservations, which will be possible starting from the first week of September directly from this site by clicking on the link “Register for the event”. To access the Luiss Learn platform and make reservations, you must have activated the Luiss account.

Freshers’ Weeks for Master’s Degree Students

The welcoming weeks dedicated to Freshers of Master’s Degree Programs are structured according to the new Learning Innovation model. The activities, which are mandatory for all students, will take place completely online, alternating between presentations, welcoming and Career Services activities, plenary moments, and group work.

Freshers’ Weeks for Master’s Degree Students

The two welcome weeks, scheduled 5-17 September, are dedicated to the Freshers of Master’s Degree Program and are aimed at supporting students to settle into the new academic year and more generally to familiarize with the core values of Luiss. All activities, which involve the acquisition of CFUs, will be carried out online and combine welcome activities, plenary talks, groupwork, and projects. Starting in September 2022, the core theme of welcome activities is sustainability that is articulated in different formats during the two Freshers’ Weeks.

Students will be allocated to a working group and each group will be supervised by a tutor who will support students throughout the groupwork. Welcome activities for students of Bachelor’s Degree Programs and Single-Cycle Master’s Degree Programs

The two Freshers’ Weeks are mandatory for students enrolled in a first year of Master’s Degree Programs and will enable the acquisition of CFUs as per the study plan for Learning Innovation Activities.


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